The Ethnic Way to Decorate Your Room in 2020

Why buy a palace When you can make your house look like one!

Imagine, your house turns into nothing less than a royal palace with meticulously designed idols and figurines, finely crafted wall accents hanging through your walls, primeval styled vases in corners, and sweet aroma invigorating the atmosphere. So peaceful, it will be.

I believe that it would be a lot easier and pocket friendly to buy different types of handicrafts for room decors than a palace. Some might refer to it as old and out of fashion to decorate your rooms that way, but there is one thing constant about fashion, it repeats itself in a different time to create a new vibe. So, ethnic decors are the new old.

Primarily, there are two types of people, one who loves vibrant and eye-catching decors and others who go for subdued and unpretentious stuff. Changes are not always bad, so it’s a good idea to re-decorate your room with modern traditional décor to change your aura. Moreover, it keeps flourishing your prolific personality.

There are many pennyworth traditionally handicraft items available in the market and even on online stores. Here are some trending vintage décor ideas which might help you modify your room and give a conventional Indian look:

Begin with walls

White is in vogue every season is one of the best types of handicraft
White is in vogue every season

Walls can be your base for re-decorating your room. Colors have no age bar and are loved by everyone. But they play an essential part in highlighting or hiding your decorations. So, choose your colors wisely, with an insight into how you are going to decorate your room. Presently, the colors in trend are champagne, navy blue, golden yellow, light pink, olive green, dark red, and charcoal.

Also, you can follow the trend of painting the accent wall with a different color, different design, or wallpaper painting. There are a plethora of wall art designs to choose from.

Personally, I prefer bright and light colors which make the room look more spacious and decors more prominent. You can easily find accessories that go with bright colors.

 pastel color in one of the Ethnic way to decorate your room

If you have a large room try pastel color, They add more of a cultural touch to the place.


Dark shades and setting

The second most important thing is setting,i.e., how you arrange your furniture. It actually looks good if your furniture points somewhere, which is generally around the center table. There are various types of handcrafted furniture available in the market which makes them stand out and adds that traditional India’s feel to your home, so using a few jute or cane furniture in your seating is a good idea.

dark embroidered cushion covers for Ethnic way to decorate your room.

If you are into vivid colors, then go for dark embroidered cushion covers and ethnic carpets, they will make a really good combination. To give your room a more royal look try monochromatic curtains or go with dull floral prints. Your curtains should complement your walls and furniture.

Just an add on, I feel that one thing which affects the entire set up is lighting, dim lights make the room more serene.

you will also try these items to decorate your living room Inlay Elephant Trunk Upwards, Onyx Apple Watch

Living room  types of handicraft
Living room


Now comes the most interesting and confusing part. Don’t be swayed away by every attractive thing, because over doing it would make your room look like a kind of exhibition.

The various types of hand crafts of India are rich in history, culture and religion. You will find a variety of items to grace your room. You can start by choosing woodwork, such as magnificent figurines carved out of wood, wall shelves or wall hangings.

Brass is known for its durability, and this feature adds to its advantage when used as handicrafts. Different items made of brass like Lord Ganesha’s and Lord Buddha’s figures in different postures, vases, tabletops, perforated lamps, ornament boxes, wine glasses, and many more are the modern traditional décor that can be used to enhance the charm of your room. Rajasthan is famous for different kinds of handicrafts, so if you are an admirer of intricate and exquisite art pieces, then the marble handicraft of Rajasthan is the right choice for you.

Wooden shelf for Ethnic way to decorate your room
Wooden shelf

Now, choosing a perfect wall décor is a tricky part. Almost every Indian home has at least one painting, as Indian painting has a long traditional history of Indian craftsmanship. These colorful paintings depict our rich culture and traditions. You can either go with a large painting or make a collage of small ones to decorate your walls.

colorful painting for home decor

Rajasthani themed iron wall hanging, Tribal dhokra frame, Indian patchwork embroidered wall tapestry, Tribal, and Indian God themed wall hanging are some of the wall décor items among a plethora of colorful handcrafted wall hangings. Whatever you go with, always try that your wall décor complements your wall art designs.

wall art designs. for home decor

Now, to light up your room, you can use a copper or ceramic oil burner, electrical lamps, or scented lampshades. Their sweet fragrance spreads pleasant vibes in the room. If you are more of a beauty lover then go for flowers. You can put radiant flowers in beautiful vases. You have huge variety to choose from, such as carved vase, floral painted marble vase, clay vase, mosaic vase and a lot more.

Add on, green soothes your eyes. So, you can put small plants in the corner, even the artificial ones will work.

small plants in the corner, Ethnic way to decorate your room

Now, wield your creativity and select the most amazing accessories to give your room a new look. Give vintage décor a try!

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