Bored with the old types of gifts? Or are you searching for unique gifts for your sister on this Rakshabandhan? Are you looking for something new? So your search ends here. Here’s a list of some exclusive handicrafts you cant gift your sister this Rakshabandhan.

NAME ON STONE – this can be the best rakhi gift for sister as it is unique. Your sister ‘ s name will be written on it so beautifully that she will be definitely happy with this gift. The product is really attractive, available in different fonts, styles, and designs, suitable for both married and unmarried sisters. This will not only make your sister happy but also decorate her house. Now you will be thinking this is made up of POP but you are wrong this material is soft stone(nazuk patthar), fetched from the depths of Yamuna river and the best part is the name will be handcrafted on the stone which makes it exclusive!

ALPHA NAMES – doesn’t it feel happy when u see your name ‘ s first alphabet written very beautifully and especially when someone gifts it to you? If it is yes then alpha names are best for you and best rakhi gift for your sister. This will bring joy on her face when she will have a look at her name ‘ s first letter beautifully written and especially if she gets this as a rakhi gift from her brother! So gift your sister alpha name on this rakhi which is beautifully handcrafted with awesome calligraphy on soft stone. As it looks amazing can be used as a showpiece or decorative piece. U can keep it on a side table too. Gift alpha name this rakhi and make your sister happy!

COCONUT SHELL PRODUCTS – when it comes to coconut shell products it sounds weird but looks amazing! These products not only look beautiful but also are hand-carved and a great example of best out of waste. If u are searching for something awesome looking then have a look at these beautifully carved coconut shell products. They can be used as home decor items and also are very useful as they are available in different shapes, sizes, and useful goods like pen stand, lamp, boats, etc. These products are the best rakhi gift for sister as they look so pretty. Your sister will be very happy after getting this useful and beautiful handcrafted elegant gifts!

JEWELLERY BOXES – ever thought of decorating dressing table? If yes, have a look, and if no, think now. With the thought of decorating dressing tables, the question comes is how to decorate them? So, the answer is decorating them with these attractive jewelry boxes which are made up of ‘Makrana marble ‘ with traditional Indian art ‘inlay ‘ with hand-carved real gems embraced in them available in different shapes, sizes and form like ‘Jali Inlay Jewellery Box ‘, Elephant Inlay Jewellery Box ‘ etc. Gift this unique, new, and attractive gift to your sister on this rakhi. You might have given her jewelry, earrings, etc. as a gift but this time gift her a beautiful jewelry box that will not only help her in arranging her dressing table but also enhance its beauty. So, this can be the best rakhi gift.

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